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Digital X-rays provide the only means for dentists to monitor the health of the internal parts of your teeth and the areas between them. The team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich provides comprehensive dental care, including digital X-rays, in Greenwich, Connecticut, to help protect your dental wellness. If you haven’t had dental X-rays in more than two years or you're due for a dental checkup, book an appointment online or call today.

Digital X-Rays Q & A

Should I get digital dental X-rays?

Digital dental X-rays are a critical tool for preventive dental care. Because only a partial section of your teeth is visible to the naked eye, digital X-rays assist your dentist in looking at your teeth thoroughly, inside and out. Digital X-rays provide images of your teeth and jaw immediately, allowing prompt diagnosis and treatment.

As an example, digital X-rays might be used by your dentist to look for signs of cavities inside your teeth, possibly under existing fillings. Also, if any decay is present between your teeth, they can see it. A digital X-ray can also diagnose the bone deterioration that results from gum disease, certain types of cysts, cancer, and tumors among other things.

The team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich relies on digital X-rays to plan the placement of orthodontic treatments, dental implants, and other dental procedures, as well as diagnose dental conditions.

How frequently should I get digital dental X-rays?

If you aren't at an increased risk for cavities or decay, you could wait up to two years between dental X-rays. Every 3-5 years, more comprehensive digital X-rays are necessary to ensure the roots of your teeth and the surrounding bone are healthy.

Due to their fast-paced growth rate, children need more frequent digital dental X-rays. X-rays show dentists if a child’s teeth are coming in the right way and if an orthodontic procedure is necessary.

Are digital dental X-rays safe?

Digital dental X-rays are safe for patients of all ages and health conditions. While X-rays transmit a small quantity of radiation, the amount of radiation is so small that it puts you at almost no risk. Today, the quantity of radiation needed is much lower thanks to advancements in dental technology for digital X-ray machines.

How much radiation am I getting from dental X-rays?

Let's explain by using some examples that everyone can relate to. Flying from New York to Los Angeles, a day at the beach in the summer, and the everyday total background radiation we are exposed to are about equivalent to 20 digital radiographs.

If you are pregnant, you can still have X-rays. To protect you, the team cloaks you in a special apron and thyroid collar.

If you are due for a dental checkup or haven’t had dental X-rays in more than two years, call or book an appointment online today.