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When tooth decay creates a hole in your tooth enamel or dentin, your dentist removes the decay and seals the hole with a filling. The team of expert dentists at Integrity Dental of Greenwich in Greenwich, Connecticut, offers specialized treatments for cavities, including a variety of filling options. Call or schedule an appointment online today for expert treatment at Integrity Dental of Greenwich.

Fillings Q & A

What are fillings?

A filling is a dental treatment that fills in a hole in the surface of your tooth left by tooth decay. Your dentist also uses fillings to repair cracked and broken teeth. In the past, dentists used mercury-containing silver fillings to fill and seal teeth. Today, your dentist can use a tooth-colored composite resin to treat your tooth with a nearly invisible result.

What should I expect while receiving a filling?

While your dentist will need to use a small dental drill to remove the decayed tissue from your tooth, advances in anesthetics and dental technology have made fillings nearly painless. Your dentist begins by applying a topical anesthetic to the gums around the tooth with the cavity. After your gums are numb, they inject an additional local anesthetic into your gums for more effective and lasting numbing.

When your mouth is thoroughly anesthetized, your dentist uses a small drill to remove the decayed tooth tissue. If the sound of the drill bothers you, you can wear headphones and listen to your favorite music to drown out the noise.

After your dentist removes the tooth decay, they fill the hole with a white bonded filling that is hardened by shining a bright light on it.

What causes cavities?

When you don’t clean your teeth properly or have regular dental appointments, the acid forming bacteria in your mouth can damage your tooth enamel and create small holes that will eventually penetrate into your enamel and enter the next layer of your tooth, the dentin. The dentin is very soft and the acid forming bacteria can now decay the tooth very quickly. Left untreated, the decay can penetrate into the nerve of the tooth necessitating a root canal.

How are cavities diagnosed?

Your dentist diagnoses cavities during routine dental checkups. While in most cases, dental cavities are not visible to the naked eye, the team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich uses advanced digital X-rays to examine magnified images of the interior of your teeth. If your dentist sees signs of tooth decay or cavities, they perform filling procedures to remove the decay and seal your tooth against further damage.

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