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Taking care of your teeth is critical to the health of your mouth as well as the rest of your body. The team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich offers dental prophylaxis treatments. Call Integrity Dental of Greenwich in Greenwich, Connecticut, or make an appointment online today for expert prophylactic dental care.

Prophylaxis Q & A

What is dental prophylaxis?

Dental prophylaxis is preventive dental care. It includes the services and treatments designed to detect and reduce your risk of cavities, tooth decay, periodontal disease, oral cancer, and other oral and dental health disorders. The dentists at Integrity Dental of Greenwich provide a comprehensive range of treatments to help you protect and improve your dental health.

What are some of the common dental prophylactic treatments?

Your semi-annual dental cleaning in the most common type of dental prophylaxis. Your hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth, buffing away staining, and removing any plaque or tartar that you haven’t been able to get rid of with brushing and flossing at home. In addition to this standard dental treatment, the team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich offers other more specialized dental prophylactic therapies.

Full periodontal evaluations

The team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich provides thorough periodontal assessments to diagnose periodontal disease and assess your risk for gum disease. In addition to a visual exam to observe your gums and look for signs of inflammation, bleeding, and recession, they offer salvia testing to measure and identify the bacteria in your mouth, which indicates your risk of periodontal disease.

Clinical cancer screenings

In addition to examining your teeth and gums for signs of decay, your dentist also examines the inside of your mouth for any signs of abnormal or cancerous growths, such as lesions or patches of irregular tissue. Early detection is critical for successful treatment for cancer.

VELscope® cancer screenings

The team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich also uses the innovative VELscope device to shine a special blue light into your mouth. The light interacts with abnormal cells, including cancer and precancerous growths, making them more apparent during a visual exam.

What are the signs of an oral health problem?

Most oral health issues don’t cause noticeable symptoms. However, if you have tooth sensitivity or tenderness in your teeth or gums, you should schedule an appointment. Bad breath and sores or lesions that don’t heal quickly are additional signs of an oral health problem.

Routine dental checkups, including prophylactic procedures, are the best way to protect your oral and dental health. Call Integrity Dental of Greenwich or make an appointment online today.