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While daily brushing and flossing and professional dental care are the best ways to prevent tooth decay and cavities, you can also consider a dental sealant for additional protection. The dentists at Integrity Dental of Greenwich in Greenwich, Connecticut, can apply chemical-free sealants to your teeth, or your children’s teeth, to reduce your risk of cavities. Call Integrity Dental of Greenwich or schedule an appointment online today to find out how sealants can protect your dental health.

Sealants Q & A

What are dental sealants?

A dental sealant is a thin protective covering for your tooth made from plastic or other dental materials. The team at Integrity Dental of Greenwich uses non-BPA resin to seal and protect your teeth from decay. In most cases, dental sealants are placed on the chewing surfaces of your back molars, which are sometimes harder to brush and floss, increasing their risk of decay.

You can choose to have your child’s teeth treated with a sealant to reduce their risk of cavities and tooth decay. Adults can also benefit from dental sealants.

How do dental sealants work?

Dental sealants are flowed into the groves of your teeth creating a barrier between your teeth and the cavity-causing bacteria that live in your mouth. While brushing and flossing help remove the bacteria from your teeth, a sealant provides an extra layer of protection between your tooth’s enamel and the food and debris that attracts and feeds bacteria. The sealant blocks the acid forming bacteria from settling deep down in the grooves of your teeth thereby preventing cavities.

How are dental sealants applied?

Your dentist can apply dental sealants quickly, and the process is entirely painless.

Your dentist begins by cleaning and drying your teeth. They then apply an acidic gel to the surface of your tooth. The acid roughens your tooth enamel, which makes it easier for the sealant to stick to your teeth.

Your dentist then flows the sealant into the grooves of your tooth and uses a special light to harden the sealant and solidify its bond with your teeth.

Am I a good candidate for dental sealants?

Dental sealants are suitable for just about everyone who has their adult teeth. It’s most common for younger patients to have sealants to protect their adult teeth, although the dentists at Integrity Dental of Greenwich also offer sealants for adult patients. While the molars emerge between the ages of 6 and 21, your dentist can apply sealants at any time. Sealants last for many years, and your dentist monitors them at your checkups.

Call Integrity Dental of Greenwich or make an appointment online today to learn how dental sealants can reduce your risk of cavities.